Durham Region is taking a new approach to how we deliver services to the public, embracing innovation and partnership to better serve our customers. We offer service through many channels. One of these channels is telephone, but with more than 60 publicly advertised telephone numbers it may be challenging for you to know which number to call to get your inquiries answered. We’ve recently introduced 311 enabled dialing for Regional programs, services and information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is 311? 311 provides our customers (residents, clients, businesses and visitors) a simple, easy to remember, three-digit telephone number for all non-emergency municipal inquiries, programs and services. All Regional services are accessible by calling the phone number 311. Calling 311 will connect customers with the myDurham 311 Contact Centre.
  • Who can use 311?  Any customer within the Region of Durham’s geographical boundaries can call 311, free of charge. Regular pay phone and cellular phone charges will apply.
    • Customers within the geographical boundaries of Durham Region can call 311 from their landline or cellphone. Customers can also continue to use our 10-digit local number 905-668-7711, or our toll-free number 1-800-372-1102. 
    • Customers calling on or near a regional border with another municipality can use 311, 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102. When dialing 311, they may (1) connect to another municipality who has 311 service (for example, the City of Toronto) or (2) they may receive a message from their telephone service provider that this service is not available or supported in their area. 
    • Customers calling Durham Region from outside of the geographic boundaries of Durham Region can continue to reach the Region at 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102.
  • Why did Durham Region implement 311 enabled dialing? The reason for implementing 311 phone service was to (1) reduce customer confusion of knowing which of the more than 60 publicly advertised numbers to call to have their question, concern or issue addressed; and (2) to provide customers with another option when calling the Region, in addition to our 10-digit local and toll-free telephone numbers.
  • How does 311 work? Customers can obtain information and make service requests by calling 311. Calls to 311 are answered by customer services representatives from the Region of Durham. Our representatives use an extensive knowledge base to respond to your inquiries and service requests about Regional government programs and services. 
  • I’m outside of Durham Region but want to call 311. How can I connect? If you are outside of the boundaries of Durham Region, please call our toll-free number 1-800-372-1102 to reach the myDurham 311 Contact Centre. 
  • Is 311 a free service? There is no charge for calling 311. Pay phone and cellular airtime charges will apply. There are no additional service fees from your telephone service provider. 
  • Can you call 311 from a landline?  Yes. You can call 311 from any landline within Durham Region.  
  • Can you call 311 from a cell phone?  Yes. You can call 311 from a cell phone with any area code (416/905/289/705, etc.) if you are within the geographic borders of Durham Region. Cellular airtime charges will apply.
  •  Can I call 311 from a VOIP phone? Individual VOIP service providers make the decision on whether to make 311 available to their customers. If you have service with a VOIP provider and cannot connect to 311, contact your service provider. You can still reach Durham Region at 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102. 
    • The following VoIP providers have confirmed that they do not offer 311 service on their networks: magicJack.
  • Can I still call the Region’s local 10-digit number? You can continue to call the Region’s local 10-digit telephone number, at 905-668-7711, to connect with the myDurham 311 Contact Centre. 
  • Can I still call the Region’s toll-free 1-800 number? You can continue to call the Region’s toll-free 1-800 telephone number, at 1-800-372-1102, to connect with the myDurham 311 Contact Centre. 
  • I can call 311 from my home, but not my office, why? Many businesses and organizations have routing systems that must be configured to allow 311 dialing. Contact your organization’s telecommunications administrator to make a request to allow 311 dialing. You can continue to reach Durham region at 905-668-7711. 
  • Does 311 accept collect calls? No, 311 in Durham Region does not accept collect calls. If you are calling the Region from outside of regional boundaries, use our toll-free number, 1-800-372-1102. 
  • Can I call 311 for a non-emergency police matter? For non-emergencies requiring police, please call Durham Regional Police at 905-579-1520 (or toll-free 1-888-579-1520).
  • I’m having trouble using 311 to reach the Region, what should I do?  If you are having difficulty reaching the Region via 311, please fill out our 311-enabled Dialing eForm. You can continue to reach us at 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102.