The Township of Scugog issues proclamations (ceremonial document) designating a special day, week or month in recognition of the efforts and commitments of an event or organization that enhances our community.

Proclamations are issued by the Mayor in an effort to recognize efforts of public awareness campaigns, charitable fundraising campaigns, arts and cultural celebrations. Organizations do not have exclusive rights to the day, week or month of their proclamation.




Proclamation requests are reviewed and approved based on the Township of Scugog Proclamations Policy. The policy outlines criteria and guidelines that are to be followed. Not all proclamation requests are approved. Proclamations requests will not be issued for:

  • Matters of political controversy, religious beliefs, individual conviction,
  • promotion of business, commercial enterprise or campaigns intended for profit-making purposes
  • Campaigns or events contrary to law, Municipal policies or By-laws
  • Events or organizations with no direct interest or relationship with the Township


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