Event Information

The more detailed application will follow by email and may require the addition of supplemental documents, applications, licences and permits. IMPORTANT: Before completing this application, please ensure that you have reviewed the Special Events Planning Guide prior to submitting this quick form and your application. 

You will receive notification through email to fill out a more detailed form, as well as if you require additional applications, licences and permits.

A permit is required for ALL outdoor special events on municipal-owned property, roads/road allowance, parks, parking lots, open spaces, walkways, piers etc. and the event includes any of the following elements: food being given or sold to the general public, alcohol, fireworks, sound amplifications, tents, amusement rides, use of electricity, fencing and projected attendance of over 150 people.

Applications for special events must be completed and returned with all paperwork and additional required permits according to the below deadlines:
• At least 60 days or at least 2 months in advance for events with an attendance less than 500 or any returning major event
• At least 90 days or at least 3 months in advance for events with an expected attendance of 5000 or more or new tourism event

Special Events on Private Property

Please note there are applications for private property events (ie: invited guests, weddings, large family gatherings, reunions) if you intend to serve alcohol, if they are outdoors, will use porta potty’s, include the set up of a structure (such as a tent larger than 10 x 10). This includes real property that is not owned or controlled by the Municipality.

Applications submitted late or incomplete may not receive approval and may not be issued a permit.

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